Canada Israel Experience Photo Contest Winners / 2006
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Tel Aviv Awakes<br>Daniel Alexander Skwarna<br>first place<br>
Tel Aviv Awakes
Daniel Alexander Skwarna
first place

Remembering<br>Alexandra Silverberg<br>second place
Alexandra Silverberg
second place

Every Tag Tells a Story<br>Sandra Baumander<br>third place
Every Tag Tells a Story
Sandra Baumander
third place

Kotel<br>Richard Niman<br>fourth place
Richard Niman
fourth place

The Guardians of Har Bental<br>Gavin Phillipson<br>fifth place
The Guardians of Har Bental
Gavin Phillipson
fifth place

Soccer in the Streets<br>Naomi Herman<br>sixth place
Soccer in the Streets
Naomi Herman
sixth place

Tree of Life<br>Robin Michaels<br>seventh place
Tree of Life
Robin Michaels
seventh place

Notes in the Wall<br>Samantha Spencer<br>eighth place
Notes in the Wall
Samantha Spencer
eighth place

Flag of Hope<br>Alanna Tevel<br>ninth place
Flag of Hope
Alanna Tevel
ninth place