1998 Israel Experience Photo Contest Winners

Jen Arron, Ottawa
As the sun rose on Masada, Isaac had just finished praying

First Place

Gillian Rusak, Toronto
Admiring the incredible view from Masada

Runner Up

Veronique Chocron, Montreal
Jerusalem, with passion and devotion a woman prays to God

Runner Up

Lauren Gans, Ein Gedi's cooling waters

Runner Up

Lauren Gans, Toronto
Rechov Abbey
Efrat Nive-Bar, Toronto
Camel Riding through the Judean Desert
Ari Hershberg, Victoria B.C.
The Rooftops of Jerusalem’s Old City
Adi Levin, Montreal
Gadna, The Best Experience
Josh Rauchwerger, Toronto
Jerusalem Day Parade

Yuval Edan, Madrich/Staff photo
Discovering Israel’s archaeological treasures at Tel Mareshet Beit Guvrin National Park
Marshal Starkman Madrich/Staff

Hiking Israel's trails

Andrea Schaffer, Winnipeg
Rappelling down the steep cliffs of Nachal Rahafin in the Judean Desert
Jodie Petel, Montreal
Relaxing on the Dead Sea
Andrea Schaffer, Winnipeg
Sculptured in Mud
Charles Bybelezer, Montreal
Nothing beats a good shwarma on Ben Yehuda Street
Carolynn Schwartz, Toronto
The Strata of Jerusalem
Ari Hershberg, Victoria B.C.
Desert Sunflowers
Jen Arron, Ottawa
Sunrise on Top of Masada
Bryan Borzykowski, Winnipeg
Helping Israel Grow
Marshal Starkman Madrich/Staff
Cooling off under the falls of Nachal David in Ein Gedi
Iouri Liamine, Montreal
Ascending Prayers from the Western Wall
Joe Malcolm (Madrich/Staff) Cooling off on Yom Canada
Joe Malcolm (Madrich/Staff) Yom Canada group picture
Joe Malcolm (Madrich/Staff) Yom Canada Rafting on the Kinneret